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Homogeniser Cylinder Block Repair Service

The key to the effective operation of your homogeniser is the efficiency of the Cylinder Block.

blockAlthough it is manufactured to high tolerances, your homogeniser cylinder block will undoubtedly become a victim of wear and deterioration over a period of time.

Daken Stainless Products offer the services to prolong the life and maintain the productivity of your unit.

We can supply all removable parts, ie valves and seats, for all leading manufacturers (Gaulin, Alfa Laval, Rannie and Niro-Soavi).

But where your Stainless Steel Cylinder Block itself is damaged or cracked, we have the capability to locate, prepare and repair the damage in the vast majority of cases.

Dye Penetration, Crack Testing
dyepen inspection Thorough Crack testing, using Dye Penetration to locate the damage and excavation of the affected area followed by repeated processes ensure that the entire problem is eliminated.
Re- Welding Excavated Area
cylinder block welding Repeated welding to completely replace removed material from cracked blocked and worn valve seats
Finish Machining to Original Specification
cylinder block machining Re-machining of welded cylinder block to restore it to original manufacturers specification.
All repairs of cracked blocks are guaranteed.

We also provide complete homogeniser rebuild service details here

Please contact us for comprehensive spares assistance on the products you require....
Homogeniser Rebuilds

Cylinder Block Refurbishment

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Homogeniser Cylinder Block Repairs
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