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Depa Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps

Series M Type DL
Cast Metal Pumps

For general industrial, water/ waste, construction and mining duties.

1 Many years experience in the design and manufacture of air driven diaphragm pumps have resulted in these high performance units. Because of their compact, lightweight construction, they are well suited to portable and mobile applications as well as fixed installation in process plants.

All types of fluids from water to slurries and pastes, including abrasive or shear sensitive media containing solids, are handled cost effectively by these pumps.

1Choice of just the right Series M unit to satisfy the requirement in each case is facilitated by availability of three different materials for the pump housing:

  • Cast Aluminium, AL 233
  • Ductile Iron, GGG 40
  • Cast Stainless Steel, 1.4408 (SS 316)

Series M pumps are manufactured in five different sizes with standard connections: DN 15 to DN 80

All models are completely self contained, only requiring connection to pipework and air supply.

Standard design

Features include maintenance free control valve, stainless steel base with integral anti vibration mounts, drain and vent connections, stainless steel clamp bands, air intake filter (for DL25 to DL80) and muffler.


A complete range of accessories simplifies operation and enhances flexibility.

They include pulsation dampeners, monitoring and control systems, various transport devices, quick release couplings, adapters etc.

For spare parts or more information please contact us.

  • Ideal for abrasive, viscous and shear sensitive media, and for products with entrained solids.
  • Tolerance of dry running and harsh usage.
  • Minimal maintenance with no lubrication required.
  • Posivive displacement pumping action minimises product shear.
  • Completely enclosed units with no bearings or rotary seals in the product stream.
  • Air operation means suitability for explosive or hazardous areas.
  • Easy control of flow rate by regulating air supply.
  • No need for electric motors, special drives or base plates.
  • Easily portable and ready to use by simply connecting to air supply.
  • Can be run against a closed discharge-a vital benefit for use on filling machines.
  • Rugged construction in cast aluminium, ductile iron or cast stainless steel.
  • Self priming and submersible.
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