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Realm Valves

Monarch Single Seal Valves

The range consists of on/off, divert or routing and tank valves.

Multi-body options provide wide choice of porting arrangements making this valve ideal for automatic valve routing matrixes.

Realm Realm Realm

Single Seal Valve Options

On/off - fig. M5 Realm Routing or Divert Valve - fig. M6

In figures M5 and M6 there is always one vertical port. As this is not always convenient, Realm also provides an option with ports in the same plane as shown in figures M7 and M8. This is especially useful for matrixes and assists good hygienic design of pipe routing systems.

On/off - fig. M7 Realm Routing or Divert Valve - fig. M8

Single Seal Valve Options

"Close against the flow" - Fig. M6A Realm

DSV/SSV Twin Stop

RealmDesigned for accurate shut off on metering and weighing applications, the Twin Stop is an on/off valve with two closing positions:- partially closed and fully closed. The partially closed position is adjustable to allow the desired reduced flow to be achieved. The Twin Stop is available as double or single seal with two or three ports in sizes from 1'/z" to 3", DN40 - DN80 for operating pressures up to 5 bar.

Common Options

Pnuematic Actuation

fig. M9

Choice of 4 sizes.
Matt finish.
Designed for long service in damp and corrosive conditions, all components except for bearings and seals are manufactured from stainless steel.
Actuators may be single or double acting.
Single acting operation can be reversed by simply inverting actuator.


Manual Actuation

fig. M10

Easy to operate hand wheel with choice of diameters for different valve sizes and operating pressures.
Can be replaced easily with pneumatic actuator at a later date.


Valves supplied with hot water or steam jackets.

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