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Monarch Double Seal Valves

Realm Double seal mixproof valve systems allow concurrent automatic process and CIP operations by providing a safe interface between the two, preventing the possibility of product contamination.

Valve operation is illustrated using the typical tank farm application shown. Double seal mixproof valves are installed at each pipeline intersection. Tank 1 is being cleaned, tank 2 is filling, tank 3 is being emptied.

Realm Consider valve A which is in the closed position. There is a cleaning fluid in the top body and product in the lower. Within the valve two independent poppets separate fluid in the top and bottom bodies. Between the poppets there is an annular space, the leakage chamber, which is vented to atmosphere through the drain tube. In the event of failure of either poppet seal, the resulting leakage would run to drain without pressurising the other poppet seal and risking contamination of the fluid into the other body.

Realm To open the valve the lower poppet is drawn up by the actuator. As it meets the stationary top poppet the drainage path is closed. The two poppets then lift together opening the flow path between top and bottom bodies. Valve B is in the open position.

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Double Seal Mixproof Valve Options


Double Seal on/off
- fig. M2

Mixed body sizes
- fig. M3

Double seal routing
- fig. M4

Bodies may have one or 2 ports

DSV - Tank Outlet Valve

The Tank Outlet valve fits directly to the vessel avoiding any dead legs and provides double seal protection between vessel and pipeline enabling independent CIP of the main to the base of the vessel. An integral seat lifting device enables cleaning of the lower seat as well as the leakage chamber and drain tube whilst the vessel is in use. The valve is a low leak changeover design.


DSV - CIP Valve

The CIP valve is a low cost double seal valve providing double seal protection where cleaning of the seats, leakage chamber and drain tube is not required.


DSV - Low Leak - Balanced

The DSV Low Leak is an enhanced option of the Monarch Double Seal Valve series. As well as providing the features of Monarch, the Low Leak also offers leakage free changeover and a balanced lower poppet providing protection against over-pressure and shock up to 30 bar.


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