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hstThe HL 3 is a 3-plunger High Pressure Homogenizer consisting of a positive displacement, reciprocating high pressure pump, fitted with a homogenizing valve assembly, specifically selected for each application. The homogenizing valve is available in single or two-stage configuration. Pressure adjustment is either manual (handwheel) or hydraulically (HVA). A selection is made from valve materials like Rexalloy, Stellite, Tungsten-Carbide or Ceramics, which allows a wide range of products to be processed, including low or highly viscous, fibrous, biological ceel material, and abrasive liquids. The pump or cylinderblock is made of a special alloy, corrosion resistant, one¬piece forging. It uses a minimum of parts, and because of the special design, surface treatment, and by avoiding dead-areas, the HST homogenizer is highly sanitary and fully CIP-able. Cylinderblocks are either of the poppet type, or the ball valve design, and the various types of cylinderblocks allow products to be processed either septically, or aseptically.

Poppet Valves Ball Valves
For moderate viscosity and abrasive products For abrasive and high viscosity products
Machine Type Max Pressure Max Capacities Machine Type Max Pressure Max Capacities
HL 3 - bar L / h HL 3 - bar L / h
100 T 100 12.500 100 K 100 9.500
200 T 200 11.000      
250 T 250 7.500 200 K 200 7.000
      350 K 350 4.500
350 T 350 6.000 550 K 550 2.000
550 T 550 3.000 700 K 700 1.500

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